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Posted by Glenn on 2013-04-09 09:41:50 in reply to Warning- check your reels and backing posted by Justin Duggan on 2013-04-09 02:44:32

Justin, sorry to hear of the damage to your valued toys! I've had very good results using Corrosion-X. I spray it onto a rag and wipe down all surfaces, letting the reel sit ovenight. I then buff the surfaces and wind my backing/fly line back on. Also works great on my aluminum t-top. I've also done a lot of San Diego long range fishing for giant yellowfin tuna as well and those aluminum-bodied conventional reels (Avet 30 or 50) are typically filled to the brim with 600+ yards of spectra. The "depth" of the spectra on the spool can be a real moisture-holding problem. We spend up to 16 days continuously onboard the vessel in a notoriously wet "salty" environment and yet I have achieved the same great results with zero corrosion. One of the reel gurus in our area, "Cal's Two-Speed" recommends the use of carnuba wax so that you are also on the right track with that strategy.

I also use the Swifty's line Washer System and Sato Line Winder to remove, wash, rinse, and pack back on TIGHT my backing. Salt Away is what I use to wash my boat, trailer, and gear at the end of the day.

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