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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-04-08 15:54:51 in reply to Re: Beulah 8/9 Surf rod posted by James Rector on 2013-04-08 09:56:29

Just on a hunch, I took a tour through about ten years of Rio catalogs. It turns out that the OBS coldwater was never done in an intermediate tip or intermediate head in anything heavier than a ten weight. I could have sworn I remember seeing them, but not according to their paper catalogs. Since I've already pleaded with Zach to do one and being told it would be impossible (which I truly understand) it looks like searching for one isn't going to do any good. I have no idea whether their new muskie line with the 28' intermediate head has anything close to an Outbound taper, but if it does it's likely our best hope. Again, for beach and surf fishing, where distance is the biggest goal, the Serum or standard Outbound should work fine. It's too bad that Airflo discontinued their Beach line just about the time these two-handed surf rods were gaining a foothold.

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