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Posted by Mike Churchill on 2013-04-08 14:50:04 in reply to Re: Delta topwater stripers posted by Mar Caballero on 2013-04-08 13:11:21

I was out Saturday fishing out of B&W. We launched just after 9:00 and cruised down to Old River just before the tide bottomed out. Since my dad's arthritis is getting bad, we spend more time trolling than casting these days, but I convinced him to start the day by throwing topwater in absolutely calm conditions under cloudy skies.

I quickly had multiple follows and "flashes" on a gold and white pole dancer, but the best I could get with that fly were a couple of missed strikes. I switched to a black bubble head and quickly got more aggressive takes. After a couple of spectacular misses, I landed my first non-dink topwater striper, which went about four or five fat pounds. After a fifteen incher, I landed another schoolie around three or four pounds. Missed several others before things tapered off and we moved on.

Lots of fish on the meter in various parts of old river again this week. Talked to some other guys who had one hooked up on a clouser as we went by trolling. Told them about the topwater action and they switched over. Passed them an hour later and they reported catching several on yellow bellied Leo's poppers. We never got back into fish ourselves with either lures, clousers, or poppers. Wind stayed flat until 1:15, which was great, then picked up a bit.

Now if I can just load my dad up with more painkillers before our next trip so spend more time casting instead of trolling....

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