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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-08 14:05:58 in reply to gold vs. red posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2013-04-08 12:01:35


I've caught a number of redfish and even the pressured ones are easier to feed than most of the carp I've tried to catch on fly. Now I'm just a rank beginner when it comes to chasing carp with a fly. My mentor has be David McKenzie, a board regular. He is a carp fanatic and does exceptionally well with them. He's like a carp bloodhound, finding lots of good local water.

Fly-fishing for carp has received a great deal of ink and conversation the last decade or so and their popularity in the U.S. is growing profoundly. Of course they've been popular in Europe for ever it seems; and in South Africa, carp on fly is as popular as trout (or anything else) on fly. The top fly-fishing periodical - The Complete Fly Fisherman of South Africa - an absolutely stunning magazine, has at least two or three features every issue devoted to carp of some kind; there are several species of carp in SA.

I've got two or three outfits all set up for carp and a backpack full of fly-boxes loaded with carp flies. As the weather warms and the waters clear here, I'll be chasing them a couple of times a week. Talk about a warm-up for a trip for bonefish or permit. You're casting accuracy had better be dead on target...

As far as I'm concerned they are as tough to catch on a fly as a permit - maybe tougher some days...


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