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Posted by Kirk Dietrich on 2013-04-08 13:21:05 in reply to Re: gold vs. red posted by Ted Shuck on 2013-04-08 12:48:18

Ted, I second that notion!
I took a friend of mine yesterday to try and pop his Carp cherry, he had four takes out of about fifty fish he threw to. He suggested I try and on my second fish, I lucked out and got an eat and a hookup. He he took a video of me fighting the little guy (only 6lbs)and posted it to his blog; if you want to check it out, go to the link:
As far as picky, you are so right about that. Last week, I must have made a hundred casts in two hours of stalking carp, only four ate the fly and of those four, I only stuck and landed one. Had that been redfish, I would have caught fifty fish easy!
Phil, that kind of thing takes time. If you realize that when I was a kid, redfish were considered trash fish and we usually didn't keep them for the table, next thing you know, they're being fished out cause of blackened redfish craze.
Carp are and have been getting a pretty good amount of press the last couple of years with industry even making lines and now offering flies "specially designed" for carp.

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