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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-04-08 08:06:55 in reply to Beulah 8/9 Surf rod posted by James Rector on 2013-04-07 21:38:26

I own both the 7/8 and the 9/10. Beulah is shortly going to be selling a line they've spent a couple of years in developing that's specifically for that rod, called the Serum. I'm not sure it'll be a cold water line, but it sure isn't a tropical line, either. I've been using a prototype for a couple of years on Cape Cod, and it works better than anything else I've used. Until then, the Rio OB or OBS in the appropriate grains (that rod is designed to cast @500grains) will also work. A lot of guys resort to Skagit heads to get it dialed in. I don't find such short heads all that pleasant to cast on an eleven foot rod, but you may feel differently. If distance is your goal, the Skagits may cast as far as anything else out there with the right running line. I also use my 9/10 as a muskie rod, and it works amazingly well for that.

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