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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-04 15:03:23 in reply to Re: Thousands of Tarpon… posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-04 14:07:02

Dan, there was a method to my madness that bit me in the rear. That gas was from last August. I had the shoulder surgery in November and the boat sat till yesterday. Luckily we have non-ethanol gas here in Florida which is what I use (4.29 gal). Any way I wanted to burn up that fuel which I had treated with stabil and some other stuff. I remembered having a 1/2 tank but as you know memory may no longer be in my bailiwick. I’ve got 56 fresh gallons on board now so I may draft an inch more for a week or two…LOL I have to admit I did have fun in the morning watching two baby bull sharks chasing Jacks around the flat like Keystone cops.

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