San Luis Report - Yesterday with My Grandson, Brad

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-04-04 14:49:30

Brad just turned 16. I bought him his first fishing license (required at age 16 in CA) for his BD. Brad caught his first un-assisted fly-caught striper when he was 15 last June so I thought it was time he caught another.

School was out for Easter Vacation so Brad and I hit SL yesterday with only two hours on my new Yamaha F115. It was a beautiful day, almost windless on the lake. We were on the water by 8:30 a.m. and headed southwest. Fishing wasn't fast by any stretch and we picked up one here and there working the flats in water ranging from 8 to 20 or so feet. We caught them in open water and tight to deeper banks but we never really hit the Mother Load.

We ran into Captain Steve Santucci around 10:30 and he had been doing much better with about 18 or so fish to hand; nothing big but lots of nice legal fish to 20 or so inches.

By the time I wore out Brad's casting arm (around 2:30) we had scored 15 fish, all legal but nothing over 20 inches.

The water temp was 63 on my graph; clarity was almost too good and the algae wasn't pea soup yet.

We both fished RIO T-14 Custom Cut (28-feet) lines on 8-weight rods which is what I use 99 percent of the time on SL. Flies - FT Clousers in 2/0 - white/pink/purple and white/yellow/brown.

The fish that did hit, pounded the fly. Brad dropped a couple that got him by surprise, yanking his rod tip in the water - close but no cigar.

Anyhow, we had a great time; and even though we didn't slam them, just getting Bradster on the water again on such a beautiful spring day was the grand prize.


PS: I didn't see Steve at the ramp and I suspect he and his angler managed a good number more fish.

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