Delta Report 4/3/13 Yes!

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-04-04 09:00:46

Another Report,
Many stripers most, 80% over 18 inches. LMBs showing up in shallow areas some over 5 pounds,FUN! I had, what must have been a young Steelhead, keep banging a "Wiggle Minnow" (in crawdad colors)all the way to the side of the boat. This guy was not too afraid of the boat to stay there looking at the fly, interesting. MANY other boats out there. Several were very willing to go between our boat and shore trolling and at full speed,while we were casting to shore. We should ALL remember that we do not own the river and the other guy can go where he wishes,...(should I say what happened?)...say less than 10 feet from our boat, between us and shore, while we were about 40 feet from shore. Oh well, good catching yesterday..... I don't know if this is analogous enough or not. When asked if she was going out for New Years, my Mom would respond by saying... New Years is for rookies. Perhaps Spring Striper season is the same. We all need to be thoughtful of the other guys while we are fish'in!

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