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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-04-03 22:30:51

So I get to Islamorada stopping at the Lorelai to check in with some old friends to see what is happening. I was told by two guides that thousands of Tarpon were in the back country having just arrived from wherever they come from. I got pretty excited and headed for the dock to launch my skiff. I assembled my new sissy bar and got everything ready. I fired up the Yammie and headed out back. Half way to my destination I look down at the gas gauge and discover that the half tank I thought I had turned into much less. Since my horrorscope told me to be careful if I chose to travel this day I decided not to risk running out of gas so I changed my plan. All morning I floundered around (pun intended) and saw nothing. Finally around 2pm I headed back to the marina. As I passed a spot I used to fish in my pram back in the 90’s I had a feeling and decided to stake out at what I call the Pram hole. Within minutes I was having strings of two’s three’s and fives coming through. I was fishing a black fly that seemed to scare the scales off the first few fish I showed it to. Each one would see the fly and blow up. I finally got it into my thick head that black was not the color du jour. I switched to an orange/yellow 1/0 tied on a SC 17 hook since this spot was kind of deep. Sure enough the first fish I showed that fly to followed right up to the bow then turned away. I had one more follow and grab but the fish missed the fly. I did some scouting oceanside and saw nothing. When I got back to port all the guides were yakking about thousands of Tarpon and not one could get one to eat. I felt lucky that a couple of fish took an interest in my offering. PS being Florida the wind was a solid 15 knots all day. C’mon down! I’ll leave the light on for ya!

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