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Posted by Jay Remley on 2013-04-03 13:00:19

I got a chance to drift the American for steelhead in February. I floated it 1 day with a friend of my sons, another day with Dave Drennan and another day by myself. Still learning it. Didn't find any cooperative fish but learned a lot. Got a lot of casting practice on a switch rod that I bought a few months ago. The conditions were pretty good except for the wind 1 day. We saw fish caught and saw a couple ones that had been in there for a while-pretty rough looking. I think we were a bit late-probably try in January next year.

I took my son and grandson out for stripers on the lower American in February but didn't find any. The water was pretty cold-about 46 degrees. My grandson got in some more casting practice anyway. I had heard they were releasing some smolt on the Feather around Boyds Pump so we gave it a shot up there too. I had checked it out earlier with my granddaughter and saw some fish busting. Cold clear water and no takers there either. Had fun, more casting practice and ran the boat some.

Left for Pennsylvania on March 5th - mother-in-laws 90th birthday party. Cold, snowy,rainy and windy with temps in the 20's to upper 30's most of the time the whole month up to now. Suppose to warm and clear next week. The people around her are ready to shoot that damn woodchuck-spring was suppose to have been here 2 weeks ago. Since there wasn't much going on around here fishing wise, I took a drive down to Weldon NC and fished with Capt Dean Lamont on the Roanoke for Hickory shad. I fished with Dean a couple time in the past for stripers and he was kind enough to keep me informed on the shad and saved last wednesday,thursday and friday for me. Had a great time. The water was a bit high, dirty and cold-46 degrees but we still caught fish. A little over 60 wednesday but it slowed quite a bit on thursday and friday. Got 1 small striper and a few american shad-most were hickory. It doesn't look like I'll be getting in any pan fishing this trip. I'll be back in CA in time for the spring stripers and shad.


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