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Posted by Jay Townsend on 2013-04-03 09:06:19

I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Dino this morning, and WOW, what an awesome trip!!! I had heard of Dino's Snook skills, but whatever you have heard, multiply it times 2 to get an idea of how good he is.

I was on Snook all morning.

We started off and I hooked up on the first cast at the very first spot, only to have the hook bend on me when I locked it down to keep it away from the dock pilings. I went on to lose 3 more fish at that spot before we moved.

Second spot was a tight cast, and the second cast.... WHAM.. the fly got nailed and broke off immediately, I think it was a gill plate cut off. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

We moved to a few other spots, had some takes, but nothing to the boat, beside a good sized Jack.

With the currently really ripping, we moved to a new spot and on the third cast caught my very first Tarpon Snook (apparently there are 5 species of Snook), see photo for this catch. It was not a big one, but put up a very good fight. I had a few more takes at this spot, then we moved on again.

Got a couple of Jacks at the next spot, so we moved again as we were on a mission for Snook.

On the way to the next spot, Capt. Dino tells me to grab a different rod as we are going to be fishing a bit different the rest of the morning. Boy was he right. As we cruise up to this last location he tells me this is not about quantity, but about quality. Ummm, well, can you say HUGE Snook. With fishing busting all over in front of us, I started casting this big bug and BAM, it got inhaled.

The fight was on, I had it out of the mangroves headed in the right direction, got a good look at the fish and it was easily over 20 pounds. All is going well, then the Snook decides he, more likely a she, wanted to go back into the mangroves. Well, it was time to make a stand, I locked the line down on the grip to stop it from going into the mangrove roots as this would surely lead to a break off. Well, that was then end of it, the 30# leader parted ways with the massive Snook. Oh well, nothing else could have been done on that one.

We went on to hook two more big fish before we called it a day. No big ones to the boat today, but I can tell you I will be out there again with Capt. Dino. No way those fish get the best of me again. :)

Thanks to Capt. Dino for a great trip! Dino really knows his stuff. If you want to get into some big Snook, give him a call. I was surprised to hear that he is on these fish in both cold and warm weather, of course the prime time is just around the corning.

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