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What Phil is asking for is impractical for a lot of reasons. For one, as I've always said, any good rod can handle more than one line weight and line type depending upon the caster. I wouldn't want a rod that only cast a single optimum line of a particular make. Who would? - Well apparently Phil does.

This is all too subjective as you've alluded to. I've got so many different rods I've lost count; and I can assure you that I can cast [well] any of the varied lines, of varied brands, I have on any of them. I just need to adjust the timing. Sure some will perform better than others with certain weigh and taper - but all will perform satisfactorily unless they have some serious design problems.

Telling us what line type and brand name a particular rod was designed (or tested) with means nothing to anyone who doesn't own that line. We all have our favorite lines and we are going to use them on the rods we own and on the new rods we purchase. Ditto for new lines - we're going to use them on the rods we currently own. My favorite 8-weight for example, tosses shooting heads; WF lines; level lines; RIO Outbound Short Lines; T-14 (at varying lengths) all extremely well because the rod will handle them so long as I adjust the timing of my casting stroke to facilitate the line or the rod or both. It's what everyone does or should do anyway. I personally couldn't care less what particular brand line/rod was used for rating a rod or line. I just need to now the weight and taper of a line; and the weight range a rod is designed to handle. That's all the info I need or should expect. The rest is up to me.


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