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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2013-03-31 15:50:18 in reply to Recommendations for Amazon Peacock Bass Flies posted by Tom Karrow on 2013-03-31 09:37:19

Just got back from the Amazon in February. We had great low water (which condenses the fish into deeper stretches so you can find them, and makes the sandy bars in the rio shallow enough so we could wade and sight fish).

In addition to what the others have said, let me offer this. As is true for many locations, bring flies with varying amount of weight. You may be fishing deep (8 - 10 feet) or you may be sight fishing in 18 inches or over weed beds. Bright colors work well, but so did plain old white / blue and white / olive deceivers tied full. Jig hooks work really well, especially for the heavy weighted flies that you plan to sink deep because they seem to hang up less on the branches and rocks on the bottom. For sight fishing we found slightly smaller and lighter deceivers worked best. The big temensis were spooky when they were on the shallow bars and within sight, so lengthen your leader by a couple feet and go with a smaller fly.

For arawana, we found baitfish imitations that sink slowly work best. Wool head sculpin type flies tied on size 1/0 and 2/0 hooks. Deer head or even some foam headed flies work well. Plain old unweighted deceivers also worked.

I'd bring a couple good size poppers, like Rainy's Bubble Head or something in 2/0 if you want some real fun. The peacocks attack on a surface fly is explosive.

We went with straight 6 - 8 foot of 30 - 40 lb test for leaders. These fish love to head for cover so the strong string helps you convince them to go elsewhere. Plus the heavier leader withstands fraying and abrasion longer so you don't have to change leaders as often.

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