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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2013-03-31 15:01:53 in reply to Recommendations for Amazon Peacock Bass Flies posted by Tom Karrow on 2013-03-31 09:37:19

Hey Tom,

Rob Anderson here. I have been hosting trips to the Amazon for years. I feel I have the fly thing really dialed in. I currently tie over 500 Peacock Bass flies a year for anglers going down there. A couple of the biggest mistakes anglers make is taking way too many flies with weight in them. On a perfect trip you do not need weight in your flies at all. You let the weight of your line sink the fly to the desired depth which in most cases is right under the surface. There are no crayfish in the Amazon so jigging motion is not important and in some cases a detriment. Baitfish that are fleeing are moving horizontally in the water not up and down. Bucktail is also way better than synthetic flies. I have seen this first hand on many occasions. It looks better in the water for sure.

The only time you will need flies with weight or dumbell eyes is if you have high water or are in a spot that is really deep.

The best trip is when you take a dozen flies down there with weight in them and come back with all of them.

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