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Posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2013-03-24 23:45:10 in reply to Re: IGFA records posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-03-24 17:30:36

Bill--I utterly get it, trust me.It's about setting out to do a particular(difficult or exceptional) thing a particular way, and finally, or repeatedly doing it. Especially something that requires luck, skill and perhaps teamwork. Why else did I chase around the Panama bush at age 62 with a replaced knee for nearly two hours in 95 degree heat to get a picture of a rufous vented ground cuckoo? or fish with conventional 30 lb tackle for black marlin so i could get a 10 to 1 fish? From what you so well describe of your 30 years' experience with giant tarpon, it is evident that you have achieved your goal of beating these fish on a level playing field. Would the achievement of catching that 187 lb fish have been any different, or the satisfaction any greater if it weighed 193and you gaffed it?From my perspective you're describing a difference in quantity, and not kind-and that the satisfaction you derive from the effort shouldn't be diminished if the fish isn't worthy of, or is simply not submitted for, the record books.One world record chasing angler I know once told me that it is a far more challenging proposition to release a fish you know is record worthy, than gaffing it.Since, apparently neither of us has been in that position yet, perhaps we can only speculate on the accuracy of that observation.Good luck in your quest this spring.

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