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Posted by Steve Birrer on 2013-03-24 20:38:08 in reply to Re: IGFA records posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-03-24 17:30:36

Bill, I totally get your drive and emphasis on monster tarpon. And I have no problem with those who chase world record fish with such drive. However, here is where we are going to diverge.

I do not get a chance to fish for tarpon that often. But when I do I use IGFA regulated tackle as I do when fishing for any saltwater fish. While I am not targeting world record poons I am prepared, at least tackle wise, in the event that THE fish came along. Would I wilt under pressure? Probably but that's part of the game. However I would give it my best shot and would hate to not be able to pursue such a record because I didn't have a $1500 tag. I fully support having a tag system but strongly oppose making them such a ridiculous amount of money. Simply no way I would pay %1500 on the oft chance that I happen to have THE fish come by when I am fishing. As noted by many anglers the number of tarpon killed by world record chasers is miniscule and to further reduce those numbers it neither necessary or prudent. Fishing is already a way expensive proposition that most regular guys have to scrimp to be able to afford such trips. Lets not turn this into a sport strictly for the well off. A $50 tag is a reasonable price to pay for a boat to perhaps have THE fish come by.



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