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Posted by Joel n Rosenthal on 2013-03-24 12:12:09 in reply to Re: IGFA records posted by Mel Simpson on 2013-03-24 09:55:48

Mel-since 1993,(to use your 20 year time frame) in the 14 categories of flyfishing world records, there are 12 present records from Florida-and although 3 of the women's records are under 20 pounds, I presume all 12 of those fish were killed.This does not account for other fish killed as records during this time that were superseded by the present records-you can assume there were a number.This also does not account for fish killed(presumably with kill tags) that were not world records-or were caught on conventional tackle.And while most of us probably envy your ability to fish 60 consecutive days a year for 20 years for tarpon, most of us probably couldn't afford Bill's proposed $1500 x 20=s $30,000 if we were to start our quest for the next 20 years now and achieve the same success rate as you..And therein lies another problem with Bill's proposal-our resources get allocated to rich people-want to kill a world record tarpon? then fork over $1500 just for the right to try. I'd rather abide the more democratic approach-an affordable tag, or none at all-and my vote goes to none at all.It will only affect a few anglers, and personally, I'd rather have a handful of unhappy anglers, than a handful of dead mature and probably breeding tarpon.

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