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Posted by Wild Bill on 2013-03-23 14:26:30 in reply to don' t try this at home posted by Markus Fipps on 2013-03-23 09:09:24

OMG, that was hard to watch.

The string method worked perfectly on my arm and hand twice and it was amazing. I think what the guy on the vid was doing wrong was pulling up at the wrong angle. The string should have been kept at a lower angle. A second thing that I did not like in the vid was the slack in the line before the pull. I think it works much better to take the slack out of the line and then give it a sharp pull.

When done properly it is really slick. It is over before you can think about it, does not hurt at all and does not tear the skin. You just have the very small entry hole. You will be back fishing before you know it. Since the string moved to the wrong area of the hook, he could have also wrapped the string around the hook bend several times instead of that loose loop.

I would not do this in a sensitive area like the face.

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