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Posted by Stan P on 2013-03-21 22:11:13 in reply to Use equipment posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-03-20 22:56:36

How could a guy pick up an old cross current rod Frank Bertaina gave him, fitted with a reel given to him by Dan Blanton, that has a fly tied on that was surreptitiously stolen from Dave Sellers, that hooked the most challenging fish of a life time--- be unattached? --I mean--emotionally to the stuff? The stuff that settles around me has no price. The crap I buy is just stuff--tools as it were. The path is sacred and the stuff that documents the path is sacred as well. At least for me. This game is ultimately about learning and the teachers. Without talent I must comfort myself by being a student worthy of a teacher. If nothing else that "settling stuff" demonstrates success as a student-- at least --for me. Franko always talked about the evolution of a fisherman. He talked about how competition drives one to excellence and can ruin the same experience if not checked. He checked me and that is the greatest fishing gift I have ever been given. Franko talked about what is important-not what you caught but how you caught it. Being clever, stealthy, well studied and true to the art was far more important to Frank Bertaina than the body count or the size of the fish. To tip toe into the fundamentals these things are keys to kingdoms especially when combined in proper proportions--through out life in every venue. That is what made Franko the personality and the great fisherman he was. At the end his high teachings were all about the balance and pureness of a fisherman's motives and the level of evolution of a fisherman's process. The concept of the evolution of a fisherman apart from success or failure (in catching fish) is something that demands a bit of thought if you are a human being bent on improvement. My take is what ever karma or ju ju that rubbed off on "the stuff" can't be ignored. On the other hand I bet there are hordes who feel Franko gave up too much sensitive real time fishing information/locations. I count myself there. However Franko knew better than any one that a good fishing report meant it had already happened and is over by the time he reported it. I say if you have some stuff you might thing you are attached to wait a couple of months before you sell it. Much better to give it away, if only to forward the art.

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