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Posted by JJ on 2013-03-20 20:54:38 in reply to blood knot et al Re: Bill Nash Knot Book? posted by Steve P. on 2013-03-20 17:53:29

>I have Bill's manual but not the DVDs - what do they add for you beyond the manual?

Basically nothing as he doesn't demonstrate Blood knot in his DVD.
He demonstrates "improved" blood knot in his DVD but it is difficult to check out the direction of winds as he reverse(or flips over) ends in the middle of knot tying.
(Bill's improved blood knot is not the Apt's improved blood knot. It is made of two "improved" clinch knots.)

To look at the book, Bill doesn't emphasis on the direction of winds if I understand correctly.
Also judging from the illustrations for blood knot in his book, I believe the direction of winds is different from Lefty's.(Steve, How do you think?)

I think Lefty is right on this, i.e. Lefty's blood knot may be slightly stronger than the other one.
But I also think it is not so important as blood knot is a weak knot may be about 80% strength at best, so if Lefty's version is a few % stronger than the other one, it may be moot anyway as we should not use the knot for where this few % difference in strength does matter.

The important point is, as both legends clearly said the same, "Don't use the blood knot for the weak points in the system".
For example, Lefty uses the knot only for 30lb or above.
Suppose that class tippet is 20lb or less, "the strength of the blood knot is 80% or 83%" really doesn't matter.
I think this is the reason why Bill didn't care about the direction of winds of the knot.

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