Delta Report 3/19/13 Fish WOW!

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2013-03-20 08:41:18

My brother in law and I fish the Delta most often at least once per week. During the last month a couple of times per week. So we decided to get out yesterday before the front came in which turned out to be a good decision. The winds did not develope until late in the day and for the most part it was overcast. As I drove home a very light mist was just starting to fall. So OK already, the fishing. At our first stop on our first cast.. a double hookup. About 20 inchers. At most of the locations we stopped at, the fish were schooled up in areas of perhaps a couple hundered yards or so. It was really fun to see so many on the fish finder! During the day we had 8 double hookups. A question here, if you have a double hookup and one fish is released and the other person is still fighting his fish and the first person casts and hooks up again.... would that be considered a triple hook up?? Perhaps I could call it 8 doubles and one triple...? In all of our years of fly fishing the Delta we have never had this level of action with Stripers. Too bad they were not larger fish, like the good old days. Anyway, 58 bass for the day of those nearly half were over 18 inches with the largest measured at 25 inches. The flies that worked were a home tyed/modified Stay Hungry 2/0 Char/White on a jig hook about five inches long and a Char/White "Air Head" sort of thing about five and one half inches long tyed on a 3/0 hook.. FUN!!

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