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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-19 09:33:50 in reply to Bone fishing in Andros posted by jbass on 2013-03-18 11:16:20

JB: I've fished north andros/joulters twice but the Bights probably 150 days over thirty years. As JW said bugs are bad when rains start late april on through july but june july low wind ...if you want to experience quantity as you've only caught a few and want to have a dozen plus days of 2-5 lbs then June to early july. If you are looking for the greatest chance for fish 8lbs and above, then the Bights january and february risking wind but there is always a lee in the Bights and if you have a senior guide such as The Neymour clan(Dewayne Neymour, Big Charlie Neymour, Two Boys)The Smith Clan(Andy Smith, Prescott Smith Benry Smith) they will find you big fish in january/february and lee in the Bights. The only month, I have not fished is August...if I can go as in flush enough I'd go Jan/Feb and fish with the above. My second choice would be last two weeks june to first two weeks's hot buggy but calm until 3ish when afternoon tropicals arrive BUT you also have the best chance to score on Permit and Tarpon...I treat one set of pant and shirt, socks and hat with the Buzz-Off stuff get at BassPro/Worldwide keeps the doctors off.

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