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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2013-03-19 05:54:46 in reply to Crystal River Florida Recommendations posted by Bill Montgomery on 2013-03-18 12:25:14

Bill... ditto on contacting Mel Simpson. He is an excellent tarpon angler and has all the answers involving poon fishing. I have fished this area for many years and in the past the flats around Homosassa have been home to the largest tarpon known in Florida. In the past I have taped four tarpon here in excess of 180lbs.

Take a look at a map and you will see Homosassa is a stones throw from Crystal River which is located on Floridas WEST coast.

Like all fisheries things seem to have changed a bit but there are still big fish that show up in May and continue to patrol through June.

There is a fly shop located in Crystal River named The Nature Coast Fly Shop. 352-795-3156. You might give them a call for guide info. As a rule the most experienced guides are booked well in advance however due to the fact that the fish have been more elusive over the past few seasons the number of visiting anglers have dropped off and some of the guides might be available as a result.

As far as where to fly out Orlando is a two hour drive from Crystal River. Add a bit to get to the airport.

If you have a bit of road warrior in you it might be a consideration to drive to Boca Grande and stay on the Island. Your wife would enjoy the island and you would enjoy the tarpon fishing as well. This is where I fish during the first week of june. Adding a few days to your trip would be worth serious consideration if possible.

You can contact Boca Grande Outfitters there for guide info. Accommodations include options such as Gaparilla Inn downtown. Downtown is just a figure of speech when it come to Boca Grande. Great restaurants such as the Temptation and PJ's are walking distance. From BG you would do well to fly out of Tampa.

Hope this helps and have a great trip.

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