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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-03-18 16:10:53 in reply to Re: Bone fishing in Andros posted by jdub on 2013-03-18 12:41:58

I've fished Andros every month of the year except for May-September. Some comments: January and most of February can be terrific fishing for big fish-IF you get a break with the weather. March seems to be consistently windy, and I quit going then due to that fact. April is a transition month and can be as dry and windy as March, or it can be warm and muggy like the summer. Generally, the muggier weather will provide for better fishing. When it gets warm and muggy there, it gets really oppressive. In addition, the doctor flies get to be brutal as soon as it gets muggy so you're almost stuck with wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants. While November is supposed to be the end of hurricane season, the one year I went in November was only two days after a nasty one (I think it was named Michelle?) I'm sure the fishing got better after we left, but it wasn't very good during out stay. November fishing means fishing to bones that haven't been harassed very much since the previous May. So given a break on the weather, it should be quite good. My one trip that started in late December was a bust due to monstrous winds. Let's just say I got a few books read that time. Probably the best overall bet is May due to the fact that you're normally past the norther's and yet aren't into hurricane season yet. I've never been there in May, however, as I'm tarpon fishing in the Keys. If you can deal with the mug and the doctor flies, it's probably the safest bet, though. I've fished all over the island. My trip to the extreme north, which includes the Joulters, was in late February and featured daily 20-30 knot winds. The advantage to the North Bight (well south of North Andros) area is that the flats are really extensive and there's usually some place to fish that's reasonably out of the wind unless it's howling at 30+knots.

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