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Posted by Bill Horn on 2013-03-18 11:59:53 in reply to Bone fishing in Andros posted by jbass on 2013-03-18 11:16:20

I've done 19 trips to Andros (mostly to Mangrove Cay to fish the North Bight, Middle Bight, and West Side). Over the last 15 years a lot of the guides voted for May and November. May because of usually good weather (although my all time worst trip was in May)and good light; November because it is usually post-hurricane season but pre-cold fronts. Have enjoyed a lot of success in November. The senior guides at the Mangrove Cay Club kept telling me if I wanted to target big fish (and give up some numbers), mid to late Feb was the time. So we went 4 weeks ago and encountered the best concentrations of big fish I had ever seen at Andros (mostly on the West Side). A cold front blew out two days of fishing but the following four produced a 12 lber, a couple of 9's, and half a dozen in the 6/7 lb class.

Don't know if the same patterns hold true for the North Island because the seem to focus on places like the Joulters and oceanside flats rather than the Bights.

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