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Posted by Serge on 2013-03-17 22:33:00

Forgot the camera for the first fishing session with the portabote. I started early, but I had to get plenty of things (like having the tag number, reg. #, rig it etc.).
The first thing I found out is that there is a design problem on the boat. The keel has an aluminum rivet that sticks out and that rubs against one of the cavitation plate of the engine's shaft. I had to move the engine at a slight angle (hole #3 to tilt it). No more rubbing.
The boat is not as fast as for the soloskiff. I however averaged a good 10mph without cranking it. The skiff rides pretty well, although it flexes with the waves. This gives actually a pretty soft and comfortable ride.
There were a lot of crazy boaters in the channel by Punta Rassa and some of the waves generated were pretty big. Even reg. size flats boats had to stop. The boat did OK and I did not get any water in it.
I stand poling by standing on the back seat. The boat is pretty quiet and it tracks very well. I tried poling with the engine down and without and both are good. I was happy to have a lot of room around me (compared to with a kayak) and I could have both my tarpon rod and my redfish rod ready to cast.
I stripped my line in the hull and it was very fine (no snags).
With a drift chute, I was able to drift with the wind that picked up to 15-20mph in the afternoon (started with 10mph). It was high tide and the water was murky. I did not see many fish but I was high enough to think that, with the right tide, sight fishing will be adequate. I do feel that I can add another foot or two to the seat (once I have decked the stern).
So, I did not catch any fish, but as a first try, I have been quite impressed by the boat.
The way back to the beach (I launched from the beach and not from the ramp) was pretty hectic with strong winds and big racing boats and yachts.

On some occasions, when the boat is riding a wave from the back, I felt quite uncomfortable as the tip was way too close to the water. I thus has to slow down when this happened. This let me think that beaching this boat from the back when there is a swell will be perilous.
The Lehr engine worked flawlessly. I had the 20# propane tank and it was full. I cannot notice that there is a difference after using it (it is a clear view through composite tank). I do not feel that the engine is very peppy. Not sure there is a break in period. It pushes good, but not as peppy as a regular gasoline engine.
More to come... w/ pictures.
I still prefer my kayak... :-) But this boat will extend my fishing range pretty drastically, esp. for tarpon season.
Oh, I did not see any tarpon today. Too many boats.

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