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Posted by Gary Bulla on 2013-03-17 15:50:47

I hosted my first trip to Bja of the season last week and waited for three days before the wind died down enough to run to a few spots where I might find yellowtail on the surface. Wednesday was still very breezy and the fish did not seem to want to come up, but Thursday arrived and it was a new world. Yellow tail are notoriously smart for taking advantage of shallow water situations and running inshore around rocks to break off. But to make a long story short, I hooked these fish over rocks, did not apply too much pressure and they went off shore instead. After a half hour battle with the first fish on 20 lb. class tippet and thirty pound shock, it looked like we (my Captain Valente and I) had a record. We highfived, cut off the tippet with line, and commence to try for one on 16lb. I was using a leader with a bimini tied on both ends and a ten inch 30 lb. bite, but the fish kept refusing it. I took a chance, cut off one of the biminis up front, and reied on the shock with a bloodknot. The fly was eaten by a big fish and the battle was on. Luckily it headed out to sea, and after almost an hour and a half of joy (we knew it was a bigger fish), fear, and pain (I cramped up in my hand and arm, but stuck with it) I finally was able to pump it to the surface. On the boat it scaled to something like 35 pounds. If I am not mistaken the 16 pound record is 40 years old and it looked like we beat it by 3 pounds. The next day I hooked four fish and broke them all off in the rocks-and lost a full line on another. Gotta love yellowtail!

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