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Posted by Serge on 2013-03-16 21:08:06

Hello guys, I was able to finally test the soloskiff today. Tom Mitzlaff (Mitzi skiff) designed that nanoskiff to flyfish.

The boat is very stable for its size. It was quite windy so the conditions were a bit tough for this boat. I tested the Lehr 5HP with a barbecue canister today on the solo skiff and it worked great.

The engine pushes it good. The boat is VERY stable and tracks awesome. It tracks so well that it is is actually as hard to turn as a flats boat (Maverick HPX V). This boat feels rock solid and is very fun. One of the tester fell overboard (the wind was really bad and water was choppy) but he could get back onto the boat with no problem and on his own.

The boat is cheaper than a Hobie angler pro, weighs less, can have up to a 5HP engine, and is fiberglass/resin. The hull has two long rails that run through the hull and render it very stiff.

We talked about adding an inverted U handle bar in front of the poling platform (like the one on East Cape Canoe) and a good seat. Tom can accommodate and it is better to add these options as the boat gets built.

Pretty impressed.
Serge Thomas

Pics attached (I took a few videos too, have not uploaded them yet)

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