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Posted by Brian Thielicke on 2013-03-15 14:53:23 in reply to Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island posted by Michael Nowak on 2013-03-14 13:12:35

As posted below in different thread:
Having returned from CXI and the Ikari House only two weeks ago this coming Wednesday, I find it very hard to believe one could't have fun there.
As mentioned, the "islanders" are so friendly, hospitable and gracious I would personally go just for the interaction.
This place has constantly challenged my belief of what one needs to be truly happy.
They don't give a rats arse that I am fishing a Mako reel, or that I am wearing $200 00 sun glasses!
Nor should any one else
Having had the good fortune to visit the Island multiple times over a decade or more (am I really that old?) I am continually amazed of the impact on my personal psyche and value belief.
It is truly a remarkably singular experience (in my experience at least)!
It is unfortunate that some of the "fishing camps" are now chumming GT's every day in the lagoon. Though I am not naive enough to believe this has never been practiced previously, the scale of this is having a noticable impact non the GT behaivor (having fished with both Moana and Simon -unbelievable opportunity and experience-they both agreed to this) I for one will NEVER give any of my funds to this practice.

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