Which Running/Shooting Line do You Recommend?

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Posted by Steve A on 2013-03-15 12:22:25

Hi All:

I am searching for a small diameter “dream to handle” shooting line. Preferably, I would like an intermediate line rather than a floating line.

I fish the surf in SoCal and currently I am using Rio's Slick Shooter mono running line with my T-14 head. Slick Shooter is a little stiff, which means that when fishing in the wind, I have a difficult time keeping the line from blowing out of my stripping basket. On the plus side, I get excellent distance.

So what I am trying to find is a running/shooting line that addresses the following five qualities:

1. Soft and supple
2. Shoots well
3. Not sacrificing much distance
4. Small diameter
5. Preferably an intermediate line over a floating line

I did speak with Rio and they recommended their Powerflex Shooting line; this is a floating line.

What line/s do you recommend that I consider?


Steve A

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