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Posted by Kirk Dietrich on 2013-03-14 22:34:53 in reply to Re: N.O. Trip report posted by JAB on 2013-03-14 17:00:06

Hey JAB,
I haven't fished much out of Hopedale, what I know of it is that its a more open/salty area with less shallow ponds. The guides you fished with are familiar with the area and if you told them you were fine with smaller fish, then I'm sure he took you in the best area possible to accomplish that.
When I guided part time for Big Reds and we worked for Barret's fly shop, we guided out of Myrtle Grove which is south of New Orleans. They have more shallow ponds and protected water as do areas even further south of there like Port Sulphur and on the other side of the river in Delecroix and Pointe a la Hache. You do tend to see more tailers throughout the day in the fall and early winter and early morning summer months and crawlers in the early winter, late winter/early spring on low tides. The weather has not been very conducive to sight casting and sun certainly is a must on those fish when they're not moving around. We do have plenty fish down here and they're not always as easy as Lefty has advertised and it sounds like you got a couple of those days when the weather didn't cooperate and the fish didn't either. Having one of the two is okay but when both are off, its really tough. At least ya'll got some shots and caught a couple fish.

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