Cheapo digital scale is not so accurate in general

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Posted by JJ on 2013-03-14 22:17:22 in reply to Re: A Fantastic Digital 0-110 pounds or 0 - 50 K posted by Ted Cassar on 2013-03-14 13:21:28

Cheapo digital scale is not so accurate in general.
I personally don't know reliable portable digital scales sold at less than $100(or even more) that have enough quality to pass the test by IGFA.

Cheapo(sold at less than $1,000) digital scales are hit or miss, and mostly miss.
If you get really lucky, your cheapo Berkley or Revive may be certified by IGFA.There is a considerable individual variability for cheapo digital scales in general.

I sent a Revive to IGFA for the certification and it failed the test completely, miserably.It failed even constant load test.
When the Rivive came to the market, it claimed IFGA compliant but it looks no longer it claims now.
I guess the maker got many complaints from customers.

The Rivive requires 20kg(not lb) weight for calibration.
And I believe if it is calibrated, there is no guarantee that it would pass the IGFA scale certification test.
yep, it's only $20+ cheapo digital scale, unless it claims IGFA compliant, I don't complain at all. Actually it is just OK scale for general purpose but it is just not for some serious purpose.

After I received miserable test result from IGFA, I sent an email to the maker requesting replacement.
Well I have never received any reply from them(They are selling fly reels for their main business if I understand correctly).

Recently I bought a spring scale made by Chatillion and sent it to IGFA for certification.
I was really impressed its accuracy, the test was completely perfect.

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