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Posted by jay schroeder on 2013-03-14 18:25:22 in reply to Re: Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island posted by Glenn on 2013-03-14 18:09:44

Chumming doesn't bug me either unless it's doing something bad to the fishery. I grew up on the ocean and have fished every which way conceivable short of netting. I have no issues with purists but I'm not one, hence trolling. Heck, I'm off to side drift steelies with yarn next week which makes me a slime ball to swing only folks.
The guides at the Villages will not chum because of what Dan pointed out. I had extensive conversations with a few of them about this issue. I did not have as strong an opinion about it until they talked me in to their way of thinking.
You are going to have a great trip and catch a ton of fish! If you want GT's, speak up and ask for at least a day with Tennaki. He got me on them in a big way but only guides 3 x a week.

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