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Posted by Bill Horn on 2013-03-14 16:38:53 in reply to best time to bone fish abaco moon and tides posted by Wally LeBaron on 2013-03-14 15:04:37

I'll respond as a veteran Bahamas angler (19 trips to Andros) but not as an expert! At Andros, we always try to fish the half moons/neap tides and like AM low tides. During real high full moon/new moon tides, huge areas of mangroves flood and the bonefish disappear into the flooded groves putting a real damper on flats opportunities. Morning low tides offer a benefit that may or may not be applicable on Abaco. If the winds are way up and make fishing from a boat difficult, low tides let you wade. And morning low tides are good because you can wade West which is often down wind (or crosswind) with the morning sun behind you. As I said, this is based on fishing the Bights of Andros. I'm curious if these "rules" are applicable to Abaco. Sure someone will weigh in with an opinion or two.
Good luck. Bill

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