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Posted by Craig on 2013-03-14 15:50:18 in reply to Re: switch rod posted by ken on 2013-03-11 23:13:55

Don't buy anything is the best advice I have seen. Build up your knowledge base first. Get some casting instruction on a switch rod first, whether from a friend that has one or pay for the instruction on moving water. It is money well spent. Like Jim suggests, without knowing your casting style, it is tough at best asking recommendations for a first rod. The rod is not the issue here, but correct line match to the rod for your specific application as was alluded to. If you walk in to a shop, make certain that the individual that you are talking to knows how to use a switch rod and actually fishes with one. I have seen too many line purchases made by buddies seeking advice and getting lines that do not match up with the rod. If you can get a mentor from a casting pond to help you, even better. You'll save plenty of money in the beginning and get off on the right foot as well as relieve yourself of plenty of frustration. Those lower price point rods will get the job done just as easy as the high priced rods.

Depending on where you live, take advantage of the Spey A Rama taking place next month at Golden Gate Casting and Angling Club. A few vendors will be on hand for you to try out their equipment. Best bang for the buck though is the Spey Clave held along the Sandy River in Oregon in mid May. It is a three day event with no actual sales, but you have more than enough rods to try out from every manufacturer out there. You can actually kick tires and ask alot of questions. In addition, you can get up to speed on the jargon associated with both Spey and switch rods. Fridays have casting lessons in the morning. Nice thing with the Spey Clave it is an awareness program for folks just getting into the longer rods. Sales reps from the various manufacturers plus hourly demonstrations and instruction on the river is difficult to beat. The cost to get in is the county park entrance fee of $5 per vehicle. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner provided as well. Thats tough to beat with the knowledge base available to get you going on the right path. FlyFishUSA puts it on. If you are interested, just google Spey Clave.

Best of luck.

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