Chumming for GTs on Christmas Island

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Posted by Michael Nowak on 2013-03-14 13:08:13

I'm following up on a post below about the highly controversial topic of chumming for Giant Trevally inside the lagoon at Christmas Island. For those who have fished for these bruisers by stalking, or even blind-casting, know how much fun this can be.

Unfortunately over the past three years or so, several of the lodges on CI have engaged in extensive chumming for GTs, with highly deleterious effects. The fish know where the chumming locations are and converge there as they await their next meal of milkfish. I have witnessed on many occassions chunks of bait, or even whole milkfish, tossed into the chum stream with fly rods. If you have seen photos of two or more fishermen holding GTs together in Christmas Island, the chances are, I would say, that these fish have been chummed.

Now, I am not taking a purist position here. My objection is that it is profoundly hurting the sport for those of us who prefer to stalk, rather than chum. GTs are now much less common on those flats where the chumming is not taking place. And they are much less aggressive in taking a fly. Refusals to the fly, once a rarity, are now common.

I would urge those who visit CI and who object to chumming to complain forcefully to the head guide at the lodge where they are staying. At the very least, ask that the practice be confined to outside the lagoon. As far as I am aware, The Villages is the only lodge that does not chum. Its head guide, Teanaki, is to be commended on the stand he has taken, even though it may well be hurting business.

The attached picture shows the chummers at work.


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