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Posted by Mel Jones, on 2013-03-13 22:07:43 in reply to Re: bonefish weight/length posted by Cary on 2013-03-13 16:57:19

Your absolutely right. From the questions I've posted everyone has gotten the idea that I'm into meassuring/weighing. I'm not!!!!! I've caught trout for 65+ years & not much else. I thinK? I know trout. 12 years ago I caught my 1st bonefish. Since then, some of the past 10 years I have not even purchased a Montana fishing license. I stay home on weekends, save $100-$200 & it goes towards a once a year saltwater trip. I've now caught a few bonefish & it's like the steelhead fishing progression, you need to catch the 1st one, then you need to catch a lot, then you are looking for big ones. That's where I am with bonefish. Never caught a 5# er let along a 10 or 15# er. This will be my 1st realistic location where I'll have a shot. I'm NOT DWELLING on this I just want a VERY good idea at what length I can say I caught a 5# or 10#. I won't worry about 15#... I'm not going to ruin the time playing this fish thinking about weight/pics or ANYTHING else. If the opportunity arises, I'll measure. If someones around that can snap a pic that will be great, but I'm NOT going to lose any sleep if it does not happen. I'm there for the joy of being there, meeting new people & seeing something I've never seen before.

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