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Posted by Cary on 2013-03-13 16:57:19 in reply to bonefish weight/length posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-12 20:10:32

Mel, measuring and weighing fish you catch, it can only lead to disappointment, and nothing good can come from it. In no case does a casual fisherman, (I fit into that category, and I'm sure you do to, since you're asking the question) overestimate the length/ weight of the fish they catch.

So downhill is the only direction you can go. You'll head down to the Bahamas, make a good cast, feed a fine fish, land it, all the while thinking, "man, what a great fish!" dang that was fun!

You measure it, it will be four inches shorter and two and a half pounds lighter than what you thought.

Your mind starts to wander, second guessing all you thought was fact. You make a few more casts to some singles and doubles, but by now your shaken reality has affected your skills, and you pile ten feet of line on their heads and send them off to Cuba. the fun has left the building. So you nip off the fly, reel in, and head back to the house.

All those fish in the past, were they less than mediocre too? What about the ex-girlfriend, back in College, the one that told you were, uh "bigger" than her other less sophisticated lovers... Did she just make that up? Was I "just" another average (or worse!), guy?

Disappointment will drain your self confidence and will soon turn to despair, which leads you into a cauldron of depression. You'll start drinking heavily, andy lie in bed till 3 in the afternoon. Your job? Fired. The dishes will have stacked up to the ceiling and your body odor by now is unimaginable. Your wife and kids have left you, your house now belongs to the bank, and you've moved into a dumpster. Licking the cheese off of old Carls Jr food wrappers provides your only sustenance.

All because you just "had" to measure that fine Bahamian bone.

So my advice is to rethink the benefits of quantifying your fishing. Have a great time, and post a report that says "fishing was great, got a bunch of ~ 5 pounders, and a few approaching double digits!" We’ll know what you mean, and we'll stew in envy.

The only one on this board that really cares about you,


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