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Posted by Kirk Dietrich on 2013-03-13 15:23:51 in reply to N.O. Trip report posted by JAB on 2013-03-12 11:39:18

March can be a very sketchy time with late winter fronts or early spring breezes.
However, I've got to tell you all. The guides and places ya'll are mentioning are targets for the bull reds (redfish over 15 lbs.). Locations where those fish are found are typically more open and salty and a little deeper. The water depth has more to do too with the fish not tailing or being seen tailing.
If you chase the smaller redfish in the duck ponds, there is more protection from the wind and shallower water but tailing is quite common as are a variety of other visible signs of fish. This time of year, its not uncommon to find them "crawling" on shallow flats with the top half of their body glistening in the sun visible from over a hundred yards away.
Granted, those fish are more likely to be smaller in the below 20lb range but there are plenty of ten pounders and they are fun as hell.
So, you either specify you want to chase bulls and if you have good weather, you'll have a trip of a lifetime or tell the guide you don't care about bulls and just want to sight cast some redfish in the ponds or where ever and you'll have a much better chance of having weather conditions conducive to catching redfish and have a trip of a lifetime.
That Port Sulphur guide's advice about booking multiple days is still on the money even for the inside pond fishing.

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