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Posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-13 15:09:53 in reply to Re: bonefish weight/length posted by Nassim Joaquin on 2013-03-13 13:37:17

Thanks Nassim for a informative response.
Somewhere(some months or years ago), I did not know where, I came up with a bonefish weight/length table. Don't know anything about it, what area, Caribbean, Bahamas, CI, Hawaii, etc. the info was gathered.
I'm waiting around for 4 am tomorrow to head out to Mayaguana. Have some time to kill so between out practicing my casting(it's 64 degrees here in the Bozeman, Montana area today) I got hunting around on the internet.

My table was made up by the Rainbow Inn on Eleuthera!!!
You can find the guide on this website:

I'm going to use it as my weight guide. Having only caught between 150-200 bones & nothing reaching the 5# mark, I'm pretty sure, I was just looking for a quick measurement/weight estimate & it seemed like a couple of marks on the rod was the quickest. Never fished with sharks before & I'm not a big picture taker of fish any more so it seems that a fast release would be best.
Their table, I assume was made up from info gathered in the Bahamas. Their #'s are really close to yours.
21" = 5#
26" = 9 3/4#
27" = 11#
30" = 15#
Sure enjoy reading about your fishing exploits on the board.

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