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Posted by Nassim Joaquin on 2013-03-13 13:37:17 in reply to Re: bonefish weight/length posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-13 07:51:16


I find your question very interesting. It is so common for anglers to turn around and ask: "How big is it?" after a catch. Usually to the guide, and usually the guide has a very "optimstic" guess about the fish weight.

So the best way to know will be to weight the fish on a certified IGFA scale. A boga grip will do. But let me advice you not to hang the fish in a vertical position. The best is to have some sort of "bed" for the fish with a banner or a net and hang the fish with the bogarip in an horizontal position.

But anyway you want to know about this catch...

There are 3 books out there that have a lenght-pounds relation and all 3 are different in their numbers!!!

Chico Fernandez "Bonefishing"

Dick Brown "Bonefish on a fly"

Randall Kaufman 'Bonefish"

Excuse me if I wrote one of the book names wrong. I cant remember the exact names right now.

In my experience, and I do most of my bonefishing in the Yucatan-Belize and Cuba. I keep track of the girth & lenght of the fish and I also weight them with a certified IGFA scale. I am reaching 1,500 bonefish on flies I have not taken data from all of those fish but I have on around 20% of those. Specially the big ones.

And the most acurate lenght to pounds book. Is the one from Chico Fernandez. At least to the fish caught in the Yucatan. And with the information I collect.

I also had access to the IGFA 10 pound bonefish Club information. They sended me their lenght & girth of all the fish over 10 pounds. And they change...of course you have a minimun lenght, but as with humas there are fat-short fish and skinny-long it is always a gamble.

I have caught fish that are:

21.5" lenght with an estimated weight at 5 pounds

24"with 14.5 girth= estimated at 7 pounds.

25" lenght= estimated at 8.5 pounds (on boga grip)

26.7 lenght= estimated at 8.5 pounds (on boga grip)

25" lenght= estimated at 8.5 pounds

26.5 lenght=estimated at 9.5 pounds

24 lenght= estimated 8.5 pounds (very fat fish)

So as you can see the numbers change...there is no way to tell exactly unless you weight the fish. But yes, these numbers will give you an idea of the size of the fish. A 28" fish on could probably be a 10 pounder depending on how fat it is...

This are just my personal observations. So I may be wrong..

Nassim Joaquin.-

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