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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-13 10:15:18 in reply to Re: bonefish weight/length posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-13 07:51:16

Mel: The only way to be sure and with the accuracy you desire would be net/scale on your back or just for accurate measurement carry an aluminum slot board(basspro/cabelas) on your back. Then in water with fish nose on front against bend and note measurement on fork V. IMHO no respectable and reasonable bonefish caster on this Board will ever question 2-4 lb fish, 4-6 lb, 6-8, above that for your pleasure and satisfaction I'd have scale net capability. But when solo wading its hard to be kind to the fish and get an accurate weight. Now if you are with a guide then he can carry the net/scale system net the fish weigh. I agree with Bill Horn's previous obervation about the relevance of girth for Bahamas and particularly Florida Bones. The fat fish pic is a Biscayne Bay bonefish...the upside down is solo Young Sound me stumbling about trying to skate the fish in quick before Black Tips close and take picture..I think it got away but about 2 or 3 seconds after release a three foot BT came right by tracking slowly...problem when on open flat like Young Sound no place to hide neither depth nor mangroves.

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