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Posted by JAB on 2013-03-12 11:39:18

Just got back from 2 days fishing out of NO through Uptown Anglers. I guess we were lucky in the sense that we were able to get out - just previous to our arrival the last 3-4 days had been unfishable.
FIrst day we actually had ideal weather - light winds and plenty of sun. We "saw" tons of fish and some truly huge. Problem was they were all hunkered down. So by saw I really mean floated over and spooked. Had maybe 3-4 shots where the spooked fish ran in front of the boat and had a qhick 10 foot cast - one eat that came umbuttoned almost immedaitely. Pretty frustrating as there are clearly tons of fish out there and some are truly large!!
Day 2 was windy and fairly overcast. Had some intermittent sun in the morning and saw a fish up, made the cast and he ate and landed a nice 10lbs red. Buddy also go a nice shot, the fish ate but his line got tangled on the casting platform (which was really bad luck) and he broke off. Had maybe 2-3 more shots before we lost our sun and the wind really picked up and we called it a day.
My overall impression is that there are definately a great number of fish out there and some are truely large this time of year. For those going Jan-March you need to be aware however, that it is going to take a perfect storm of favorable factors to have any sucess:(i) Light to moderate Wind so you can even get out, (ii) Sun, so you can see the fish - its close to impossible to see any fish without sun, and (iii) fish up and moving. We had fun and it was nice to be out there but I didn't realize until I had already booked the trip there how lucky we were even to get out (I saw a post from right before we left about some anglers not so lucky) and how dependent it is on near perfect conditions. It is virtually pointless to blind cast and there really is no other option if its either windy or cloudy. FOr some reason, our guides said they don't really target trout on the fly - in FlA where I fish alot you can always blind cast the grass flats and pick up trout. THat being said, there are an amazing number of fish out there judging from the number we spooked and some are large - plus 20lbs and even plus 30lbs. I'm told Oct-Nov are the best bet weather wise.
One last thing, I must have a brain cramp but I cannot figure out how to attach a picture - Iread the instructions but I don't seem to be able to locate a "browse" feature??

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