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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-03-12 08:23:56 in reply to Re: switch rod posted by ken on 2013-03-11 23:13:55

I've thought about this a bit. As hard as it is to recommend a single handed rod to someone you've never seen cast, I think it's tougher with double handers. Some switch rods have a very fast action, some are more progressive, and many actually are slightly regressive. What I use are Beulahs. I've got a 10'6" 5/6 Classic and a 10'8" 7 weight Platinum. They are radically different rods, yet I very much like them both. Also, both are priced reasonably. Others in the lower to mid price range would be TFO, Echo, Redington, and a few more. As much of a cliche it is to say this, it really helps if you can cast a few first. If you can't do that, buy a Beulah and buy the Beulah line designed to match up with your specific rod. That'll get you started, anyway. Finding the right line for your rod can be more costly than the rod. Beulah makes both a Scandi line (and head) and a Skagit head for each rod and they do match up superbly.

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