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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-12 07:59:33 in reply to measuring a bonefish posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-11 22:09:41


I never been able to measure when solo wading...most often Fresh Creek or Young Sound Andros. Active fish, eye out for sharks, and my cameras are not waterproof and I'm not co-ordinated enough to armpit the rod hold the fish one handed camera other and compose...I always get the splash or tail. Assuming you don't care about dunking reel...if I were younger and with better knees to stoop, fork V touching first stripper then already have marked for 24 and 26 on grip roll fish over to quiet then eye ball then release...however, my solo experience in Young Sound has been with too many sharks around so I usually horse in and quick release. If you can rent or have "In Search of a Rising Tide" by Jamie Howard look at the last scene when Andy Smith is releasing a large wading bonefish notice how it slowly moves off while recovering...if there's a shark in the area, tracking during the catch, when they move off slow like that it's dead. I've been with Prescott Smith in his skiff when we have sat on top of a released bonefish while it was on the bottom "catching itself" but again no sharks in the area.
My suggestion when solo bring it in quick fork to first stripper then nose to pre-measured spot estimate and release

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