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Posted by Honolulu Gator on 2013-03-12 04:55:20 in reply to measuring a bonefish posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-11 22:09:41

Easiest way is to get a plasticized flexible tape measure (like a seamstress tape). Place the end at it's nose with your right hand and then cradle the fish around the thickest part with your left hand, holding the tape under the left hand as well. You can now let go off the tape at its nose because your left hand has the tape locked against the body. Then, use your right hand to measure to the fork of the tail. with big fish doing this all with the fish upside down works well.

For Hawaii bonefish the fish is 5 lbs. at 23 inches. It then gains one pound for every inch (24/6, 25/7, 26/8, 27/9, 28/10, 29/11). This scale has been accurate within a quarter to half a pound for me with a few hundred bones measured.

Dan Hall

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