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Posted by Gerard on 2013-03-12 04:08:36 in reply to Re: More Tarpon Bugs posted by Bob brown on 2013-03-11 16:03:59

It’s a simple fly to tie, using spun dear hair (you can play with various colours) for the head which is trimmed with a scalpel to shape. The tail is a combination of dear hair, two hackles and crystal flash. I’ve also added a red hackle spun in near the bend, just playing with different silhouettes.
What I like about this fly is that it pushes water and its underwater profile. It really looks natural and alive.
I original tied this fly for GTs, which worked extremely well, especially when fishing for them on the flats. I originally tried them out on some “lockjaw” poons on a trip to Boca Grande about 12 years ago and they liked it enough to give us non-stop action.
I agree with Dan that things changes from year to year, but I always keep them in my box

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