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Posted by Mel Jones on 2013-03-11 22:09:41

What is the preferred way to accurately measure a bonefish?
As I'm headed to Mayaguana, this Thursday, for the chance of catching a 5# plus bonefish, I would like to make sure that the fish I catch & measure are not an eyeball guess. The chart I have gives approximate weight for bonefish from 13" to 30". 13" = 1 3/4#, 18" =3#, 21"= 5#, 24" = 7 1/2#, 26" = 9 3/4#, 30" =15# & so on in the in between inches...

I'm sure there are all kinds of weight estimate charts, please don't delve on the #'s, just want ideas as to how to best measure from nose to fork in tail. How do you do it?

Is it best to mark the rod & lay the rod along side the fish? What is your preferred way of doing that? Start from the butt or start from the top of the cork? Use a stiff/metal tape or a flexible, like a seamstress type tape? There's even a stick-on the rod measuring tape(it's too late for me to get one) but do they last for any length of time?

Not going to lose any sleep over this or over think it. Just want to be sure in my own mind that I'm not overestimating/exagerating because I estimated a fish at 21" & it was actually 20".

Will be fishing by myself most of the time & of course only have two hands, will not take the fish out of the water & want to release it quick.
All thoughts appreciated.

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