I Got to Try Out Two Virgins Yesterday...

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-03-11 14:53:36

The first was my new Yamaha F115. It entailed a boring two hours of break-in time. I swear the last hour running around at half-throttle and less, seemed like three hours. I know people on the bank and in other boats must of thought I was loony driving around in circles. I wanted to stay fairly close to the ramp area of Dino Pt on San Luis in case of a breakdown.

All went well and I'm really pleased with the performance of the new outboard on old Prime Time on the Fly.

The second was my test-driving of my new Redington 890-4 Link rod. Now I only launched 28-feet of T-14, Rio Outbound Custom Cut on the rod with a pretty big fly - no time for other lines - and the rod handled that line brilliantly. The stick is light, crisp and I could throw tight or open loops at will, with no effort.

It is a very nicely appointed rod, a charcoal color with blue trim. I'd call it fast to medium fast depending on the line. My next test will involve a Rio Outbound Short floater, followed by a standard 8 and then 9 WF floater. I know it will handle the Intermediate since it handles the T-14 so well.

Anyhow, others have reported they like new Redington Link 8-weight and now you can add me to the list.

According to the Redington website, the 890-4 Link retails for $380. Not a bad price for such a quality rod. I'll be trying out the 990-4 when I fish the Everglades with Bill Blanton and Lefty this fall.


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